Window repair

Are your windows not working optimally?

Common problems

  • Windows that no longer open.
  • Windows that let in the cold.
  • Windows that no longer lock.
  • Broken cranks.

If you experience one or more of these situations, you don’t have to change your window completely. We can fix it.

Everything, or almost, can be repaired.

Solutions Fenêtres revives your windows to ensure they function properly for as long as possible. Whether it’s the weather stripping, mechanisms, casters, handles, latches or any other piece of hardware, we can fix them all. At Solutions Fenêtres, we use only top quality parts and guarantee them for one year. No need to endure your inefficient windows any longer!

The advantages of having Solutions Fenêtres repair your windows 

  • More economical and environmentally friendly than a complete change.
  • Improves your windows’ performance.
  • Easy to use like when they were new.
  • Superior quality parts guaranteed for one year.
  • Simple, fast and personalized service.

At Solutions Fenêtres, we make it our duty to promote your windows’ durability. Avoid the large expense of a complete replacement. Trust us with your window repairs – a lower cost option.

What our customers say

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